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Please read this page carefully because it contains important terms that define this Agreement and the general terms and conditions of your use of recipesfish.com . This Agreement represents a commitment between you as a user of this Site. By accessing and using the site, you implicitly acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to this commitment and the terms of this agreement, and you also decide that you have read the privacy policy of this site, whether you are a regular user of the site. This website or the general user. A representative of a company, organization, or other legal entity, and therefore you represent that you have the legal capacity to bind such entity to this Agreement. In such case, the User Terms will apply to the entity you represent.

2 – User content

User-generated content on this Site may include comments, emails, and, in the case of other written or graphic content, we will identify its owner, whether that is an individual user, a company or other entity.

This site allows commenting on topics published by us, and it is the right of all users without exception, provided that the comments do not include inappropriate comments, insults, slander, defamation, incitement to hatred, racism, insulting religion, or publishing material. Published. Links and any other content are inappropriate. Inappropriate content or any content that may cause physical or mental harm to the Site or other users.

This site takes no responsibility for comments and each user is personally responsible for the comments he or she posts.

In order for the comments to have added value to the topic we publish, it is better to include the name of its owner, whether real or pseudonym, in the comments, but no one is allowed to impersonate the name of another company, institution, or group, and he himself shall bear any legal consequences arising from that.

Ownership of comments remains with the commenter, but this site reserves the right to reuse the comment through activities related to this site without prior request from the commenter, provided that the commenter is mentioned as well as the content of the comment. The contents of it have not been modified.

3 – Website disclaimer 

This site contains advertising from Google and may also contain advertisements for certain products or services, or some links to other sites that may contain advertisements, but this does not mean that we explicitly endorse these topics or that we guarantee the quality of their content. Instead, the ideas we suggest or present are accompanied by the information we can collect, and the user remains the first and final decision maker and is responsible for his choices.

This site also features reviews of specific services for specific companies or products. These reviews may be paid or free, and from time to time we may use affiliate links to some of these products and services that we consider appropriate and reliable, allowing us to support this site with a small share of the funds or commission that we earn. If users subscribe or purchase through this link.

We provide these reviews based on the information obtained through the sales pages dedicated to those products or services or information provided to us by their owners or owners, or in some cases we purchase the products, try them and obtain them through direct examination and evaluation to express our opinion objectively.

Therefore, we do not expressly guarantee the quality of these products, services and offers. We do not accept any responsibility for the procedures used to sell products or services. We also do not guarantee the safety or quality of our products, services and offers. Content provided by any third party, so users should be sure to review all statements and terms of use for any resources, products, services or offers that you access through links on the Site, as well as your dealings with any other resources outside the Site. website. The Site is provided at your own risk.

4 – What does the site offer?

At Internet Profit, we do our best to provide you with the right information through the articles and topics we collect on our website. This website provides everything related to internet earnings, YouTube, technology news, company news, technology terms and related information. In its entirety, with regard to the specifications that we provide to you through our website, we rely on a lot of the information contained in these specifications that was collected from a number of sources, including, but not limited to.

The official websites of companies that make money from the Internet, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, AdSense, and others.
Some international and Arab websites are known for their credibility and reputation in providing everything related to information.
Some well-known and reliable channels on YouTube are dedicated to making money online.

Some sites focus on technology news and upcoming initial leaks related to Internet earnings. These sites have direct links with companies that provide these sites with this information, in the form of images or information about specific services. As yet to be announced, this is actually an advertising strategy designed to generate a feeling of excitement and curiosity among customers to purchase or subscribe to these companies and websites.

We also obtain information about the Company and various aspects of the Site that we provide to you on the Site and display to you.

Therefore, we do not guarantee that all the information contained in these topics that you publish is 100% correct, and we do not bear any responsibility for the incorrectness of the information. So we must remind users: This does not mean that we will not publish false or anonymous information, please. By God, but it is our duty to remind our dear users and followers to verify this information, as its sources may be incorrect from the original information, or the specifications provided by us may contain errors and technical defects from the device manufacturer, or the user may not be able to deal with these devices correctly, Or things may happen that may be due to unintentional errors by us or by others.

Therefore, we can in no way guarantee the absolute accuracy of this information as errors may occur.

Therefore, we advise you to ensure the safety of any device while purchasing it from a store, electronics store, the official website of the device manufacturer, or a public website, and to ensure that the device has a warranty before purchasing it. Buy it and get your money back if the device doesn’t work.

5- Amending the terms of the agreement

The “Profit Online” website reserves the right to amend this agreement or its terms related to the website and services at any time when necessary, and this agreement will enter into force immediately upon publishing the updated version on the website. We will revise the update date at the bottom of this page immediately upon posting, and your continued use of this site after any such changes will constitute your implied acceptance of such changes.

6- Accept these terms

You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. By accessing and using the Site and Services, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you may not access or use the Site and Services.

7-Contact us

If you would like to contact us to learn more about this Agreement or wish to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Agreement, or if you discover that this Site contains errors or incorrect information, you may do so by sending an email to [email protected]

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